Community Room Rental

**The Library is currently closed for renovations. we will announce when it is available again.**

Fees & Use Guidelines

The Community Room may be rented for $25 per half day (up to four hours) or $50 per all day (more than four hours) per event, to organizations that offer meetings or services free of charge to the public. The facility may not be used to conduct business for which a fee is charged or for product/service promotion and selling, unless these activities are connected to the Library or the City of Lynn Haven.

The room may not be used for purely social functions, such as parties. Payment must be made at the time of reservation, if reserving in person, or received within one week of telephone reservation. Use of the Community Room does not imply Library or City of Lynn Haven endorsement of the group, its policies or activities.

No group may discriminate in any way on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age or physical disability. Activities must not interfere with the operation of the library or its use by others. Excessive noise is not permitted.

Rental Priority & Cancellations

The Library and City of Lynn Haven departments have priority over other functions and retain the right to cancel a reservation if necessary. Notice will be given and fees refunded if that should occur. An organization that needs to cancel its event must notify the Library at the earliest possible date. Rental fees will be refunded or applied to future reservation if notification is received at least 48 hours in advance of the event. Cancelation refunds are limited to 2 per calendar year.

Hours Available

Room rental is available only during regular Library hours. It is possible to schedule events that run beyond Library closing time as long as the responsible party checks in before Library staff leaves for the day.

Equipment & Items Available to Use

Persons renting the facilities are responsible for setting up and taking down all equipment, returning Library property to its proper location and cleaning and securing the room. Damage to the facility will be the responsibility of the renter. Food and drinks are not permitted. Exceptions may be granted by Library Manager upon prior approval and for an additional fee.

The following items are available for use:

  • 2 five inch Tables
  • 36 Chairs
  • 7 six inch Tables
  • Viewing Screen

Reservation Form

Persons or groups renting for the first time will be given a short orientation. Renters must complete an updated policy statement/reservation form (PDF) annually, signed by the Responsible Party.