City Updates

Outfall Ditch and Waterway Clearing

Attention Lynn Haven Residents: the City currently has contractors working throughout the City to clear the large outfall ditches and waterways. See map for current progress, the full map and zoomed in subsections is also available here As some of these areas are behind or beside homes you may be approached by a contractor to sign a right of entry form so that they may access your property to get to the ditch/waterway. If you have additional questions on this process or the form you will need to sign please call 850-704-5768. Thank you for your assistance in this project.

145818_Daily Progress Map_Aug17_Page_1

Lynn Haven Hurricane Michael Relief Trust Pay Pal Information

We have many people asking to donate money to the City to help rebuild.  We have setup an account with Hancock Whitney bank to accept donations. 

The account name:  City of Lynn Haven Hurricane Michael Relief fund

You can click here and it will direct you to PayPal to donate directly.

We appreciate all the generosity everyone has given.  We will make Lynn Haven a great City again by continuing to work together! 


Damage to Chambers from Hurricane Michael 2018

Application for Hurricane Michael Relief $1,000 Grant

The City Commission has approved disbursement of $1,000 grants to residents of Lynn Haven to help offset
insurance deductibles and help with FEMA assistance.  Lynn Haven and Southport residents are
eligible for the $1,000 grant. Each applicant must complete the application and turn in the proper
documentation to be eligible. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and will be considered for each disbursement. Disbursements are made as funds are raised. All funds are raised through the Hurricane Michael Relief Trust via donations. 

You must turn in ALL documents into the office at 817 Ohio Avenue IN PERSON with insurance and FEMA documentation attached. All applications will have to be approved by City Commissioners.You will be notified if you are approved and will receive a grant.

Right of Way Clearing and Restructuring

The City is working diligently to clean the sides of the road and right of ways from the remnants of Hurricane Michael.  The City has started the process in Zone 1 as shown in the attached map.  Remember, we are raking the sides of the road, cleaning out the ditches/right of ways from debris, reshaping right of ways/ditches, and seeding to stabilize.  This will be the first time all the right of ways in the City have had attention at once.  All of this work is being done by the City employees.  The City will be releasing a contract to get some assistance in this project in the near future.  Our intent is to finish before the rains come and hopefully prevent flooding due to the debris.  The map of the city is broken up into 12 zones much like the road clearing and the final push.  The zones are numbered differently based on the priority of right of ways.  As we clean a zone, we will continue updating and posting this map for your convenience.  Remember, if you still have debris it is your responsibility to dispose of it.  The City stopped final placement of debris on the sides of the road February 17th.  After this time, the City did request if you had any other normal debris from cleaning your yard, that you please do not place it on the right-of-way.  It will not be picked up.  We are utilizing our City trucks and manpower for this final manicure cleaning of the City. We appreciate your patience and understanding. 

Hurricane Michael Relief Grant Required Documents

1st Disbursements of Hurricane Michael Relief Grants

Right of Way Clearing and Restructuring

Public Works Truck picking up debris