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Posted on: June 7, 2021

Mosley baseball team returns to Lynn Haven as state champs


LYNN HAVEN, Fla. (WMBB) – The Mosley baseball team returned to Lynn Haven on Thursday afternoon as state champions.

“48 straight hours I’ve been screaming it’s the best thing ever, I love it,” Mosley baseball player Rock Holland said.

“It’s a storybook ending, we all said that. On the bus last night we were like we just won state, we would say it a couple times like we just won state,” Mosley baseball player David Hudson said.

The Dolphins were greeted by the entire community, a helicopter and police escort took them all the way from Highway 77 to the school.

The players said they felt like celebrities.

“It was awesome. The first thing that was like oh my gosh was the helicopter. The helicopter that was trailing us the whole way was the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. We were yelling slapping on the windows, waving, screaming it was awesome. Then they came and sprayed some water on us it was awesome,” Holland said.

Hudson said it was surreal to go by Southport Elementary as he remembers watching the Mosley baseball team at that age and looking up to the players as well.

“Driving in through Southport seeing all the little kids just remember being there gave me chills and we all kinda teared up on the bus because we thought this was not real and it’s honestly a dream,” Hudson said.

The fanfare didn’t stop there as a crowd of fans were waiting for them outside the school gymnasium.

When the team got off the bus, they were treated to the biggest pep rally they’ve ever seen.

Mosley athletic director Doug Lee said seeing all of the celebration brought him back to when he was the head baseball coach of the Dolphins and won the first state championship with them in 2002.

“I’m happy for Jon Hudson I really do, I get how hard it is to get there. The timing of it all, God’s timing is perfect. Just to be back in the role that I’m at Mosley, and to be a part of this in some way shape or form or fashion, brought back a lot of memories, but man, am I happy for Jon Hudson and his baseball team,” Lee said.

The Dolphins all said they were so grateful to the community for making them feel so special and for supporting them all season long.

“It just shows the support of the community and how close knit we are and it just makes it feel special, coming off the win just seeing hundreds of snapchats, and text messages and stories with everybody cheering us on and screaming it was insane,” Hudson said.

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