Flood Management Plan

One of the reasons Lynn Haven is recognized for its good floodplain management policies is that the City provides public information regarding flood hazards, flood insurance, and flood protection measures designed to correct existing deficiencies in flood-prone construction. Some of the information and assistance available to residents is outlined. More information on flood management is available on the FEMA website.

  1. Resources for Citizens
  2. Protection
  3. Flood Threat
  4. Safety Measures
  5. Permit Requirements
  6. Floodplain Management
  7. Drainage System Maintenance

Flood Insurance Rate Maps

The Lynn Haven Building Department is the community’s primary source of information regarding Flood Insurance Rate Maps. It is important to know the base flood elevation of your property. Call 850-265-2121, write, or stop by the Building Department if you have any questions. A copy of certain Elevation Certificates are available at this office.

Flood Reference Library

The Lynn Haven Public Library, provides flood protection reference material to the general public. Reference materials include Flood Insurance Rate Maps, state and federal publications covering a variety of subjects, and a list of agencies and individuals to contact for more information. Residents are urged to take advantage of this flood information resource.

Flood Maps

Click on the link above for the 2022 Flood Maps, effective January 1, 2022.

Flood Website Links