How do I get a library card?

Adults and minors age 16 years or older, who are residents of Lynn Haven, may acquire a Library Card free of charge provided they have a proof of residency and current address and an identification card. Proof of residency may be a recent Gulf Power Electric bill or property tax statement showing taxes paid to the City of Lynn Haven or a Property Deed. Water or other utility bills can not be used as proof of residency. Acceptable identification cards include Driver's License, Florida or Military ID.

A parent or legal guardian may obtain library cards for children age 15 and under as long as the parent/guardian also possesses a card. A parent/guardian is the responsible party for the minor card holder and assumes all responsibility for the proper care and return of materials checked out by the minor.

People living outside the city limits of Lynn Haven may enjoy all the rights and privileges available to resident card holders for a $10 annual, nonrefundable fee. The cost for Seniors, age 60 and over, is $7. Families, up to five persons, will be charged $25 annually. Nonresidents must present an identification card, as indicated, and documentation showing their current address.

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1. How do I get a library card?
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