Watering Wisely

  1. Preserving Water Resources
  2. Timing is Everything
  3. Irrigation Methods
  4. Checking for Leaks
  5. Improving Your Lawn
  6. Understanding Your Soil
  7. Selecting the Right Plants

Everyone wants attractive yards and green areas in their neighborhoods. We can have them and save water too. All we have to do is water wisely by practicing various water-saving techniques out-of-doors.

Large amounts of water are consumed through the watering of landscapes. Outdoor watering is estimated to account for as much as one-half of the water used by each residence per year. Efficient watering or irrigation practices are essential to conserve water.

Over watering not only reduces our water supply but can result in excess water that runs off carrying fertilizers and pollutants into our bay. Over watering could result in disease such as fungus and in the excessive growth of weeds and pests.