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Extra Patrol (House Watch) Request

  1. If you plan to be away from your home, you should try to make it look as “lived-in” as possible while you are away. Have your mail and newspaper stopped or picked up daily. Use an automatic timer to turn on a radio or television and lights at different intervals. Turn off the ringer on your telephone, because an unanswered phone signals that no one is home. Close and lock all windows, doors, storage sheds and gates.

    If needed, have someone cut your grass. Consider asking a trusted family member, friend or neighbor to periodically park in your driveway.

    If you reside in the City of Lynn Haven, please contact the Lynn Haven Police Department at 850-265-4111 to have your home placed on Extra Patrol while you are away or complete the following form.

    Important - Submissions made through this portal are not monitored outside of business hours. If you need to submit a house check request after normal business hours, during a holiday, or during the weekend please contact the Lynn Haven Police Department at 850-265-4111.

  2. For immediate contact or questions regarding house checks please contact the Lynn Haven Police Department at 850-265-4111.

    Notice: Florida has a broad public records law. Most written communications to or from state officials are public records that will be disclosed to the public and the media upon request. Email communications may be subject to public disclosure.

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