Reclaimed / Reuse Water

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Lynn Haven’s reclaimed/reuse water is the product of an advanced wastewater treatment process that eliminates harmful by-products while retaining beneficial elements. Elements including phosphorus and nitrogen, that work as fertilizers to improve grass growth and appearance, are present in reclaimed water. Using reclaimed water is a way to conserve the drinking water supply, as well as, create a new source for irrigation.

Is It Safe

Yes. Reclaimed water is treated to extremely high levels. The constant monitoring for a variety of contaminates, including Primary and Secondary Drinking Water Standards ensures that the public health and the environment are protected. You can now email here if you have any questions in connection to the reclaim water system. 

What Should I Know

The program is voluntary and you can utilize your existing in-ground irrigation system. If you have a well, you must disconnect it in order to take advantage of the program. Irrigation systems tied into a drinking water line will require terminating the connection to the drinking water system.

No cross-connection can exist prior to the tie-in to the reclaimed water system. A cross connection inspection conducted by a City of Lynn Haven inspector is required at the time the actual tie-in to the reclaimed service is made.

Reuse/Reclaimed Water is Beneficial

Reuse water reduces or eliminates the discharge of treated effluent to surface waters, reduces the demand for irrigation on the potable drinking water system and saves money on developing new water sources.